Mayuri E Cart Loader

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Greenhouse emissions are undoubtedly one of the greatest threats our planet is facing today. Among the many culprits, the transportation industry bears a heavy responsibility, accounting for 20 to 23% of all global emissions. With road transport alone contributing 70 to 75% of this total, it’s clear that something needs to change.

We at Saera Electric Auto feel immense delight in presenting an alternative to making way for a greener world, Mayuri E-Cart Loader. This is an innovative solution proudly made in India. With its eco-friendly design and emission-free operation, our loader represents a beacon of hope for a greener, smarter transportation industry. We, as one of the best e- loader manufacturers in India, are excited to lead the charge towards a cleaner future, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Driving Towards A Greener Future Without Compromising On Quality!

At our core, quality is not just a goal but a way of life. As a leading provider of a battery-operated E-Cart loader, we understand the importance of offering products that are both reliable and affordable. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the e-vehicle domain, we’re able to deliver on both fronts.

Our team of highly skilled engineers, designers, and cargo e-rickshaw manufacturers India are dedicated to creating vehicles that exceed customer expectations. We listen closely to customer feedback and use it to inform every aspect of our manufacturing process, ensuring that every vehicle we produce is of the highest quality.

To further ensure the excellence of our products, we subject each and every one of them to rigorous testing and calibration, using the latest industry standards as our benchmark. With this unwavering commitment to quality, we’re proud to offer electric vehicles that are low maintenance, reasonably priced, and built to last.

Heavy Duty Shockers
Wider Tyre For Better Grip
Massive Loading Capacity

Unique Features of Mayuri

The best in Class Mileage

Experience the unmatchable power and efficiency of E-Rickshaw.

Manufactured with Mayuri Eco Technology

With the advanced technology, we manufacture E-Rickshaw with causing almost zero ecological disruptions.

Advanced 130AH Battery

Ride your E-Rickshaw for longer hours, with enhanced battery power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a prominent electric three wheeler manufacturing co , we at Saera Electric Auto are dedicated to serving our clients with the best products. Our E-Cart loader is equipped with a cutting-edge brushless DC motor, which has a 48V configuration and a maximum power of 1200 Watts for powerful performance.
Yes, our battery operated E-Rickshaw loader has a 6 months warranty for both motor , controller and 1 year for Chassis.
Saera is a prominent name in the e-rickshaw industry. Since its inception, it has managed to gain the trust of its customers and become the best E-Rickshaw loader in India. Our products are one of the finest quality and are built to last.
The time taken to charge an E-Cart loader depends on the battery. Typically, an E-Cart loader with a lithium battery takes about 5 to 6 hours to charge. In contrast, an E-Cart loader with a lead battery takes about 10 to 12 hours to charge.

    Note* Picture Shown are for Illustration Purpose Only. Actual Product May Vary Due to Product Enhancement.