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We are all aware of how climate change has gradually become the top priority to deal with for our civilisation. The problem not only affects our livelihoods every day, but it also poses a threat to future generations. It is our responsibility to safeguard the environment to the greatest extent possible. This is where our team at Saera Electric Auto, the top-notch Electric Three Wheeler  Manufacturer of India, come into play. 

The invention of electric vehicles marks a new era in the automotive industry. It is a response to the urgent need for eco-friendly transportation to combat pollution primarily caused by traditional vehicles. And one of the most commonly seen electric vehicles in India is the E-Rickshaw.

E-Cart Loaders are increasingly being used in India for the transportation of goods. These vehicles are gaining popularity due to their eco-friendliness, as they do not emit harmful pollutants, unlike non-electric vehicles.

Due to their small size, low maintenance costs, and ability to operate through crowded urban areas, cargo E-Carts are indispensable for businesses in India. Companies can benefit from these vehicles’ reduced logistics costs and smaller environmental impact.

Why Choose Saera For Electric Vehicles?

Saera Electric Auto is one of the Fastest growing EV manufacturers in India. We’re religiously working hard to deliver the best zero-emission electric three-wheel delivery vehicle. Our goal with this cutting-edge approach is to make urban logistics cleaner & greener than ever before. 

Mayuri E-Rickshaws are created with a robust motor that allows for a high load-carrying capacity. As one of the leading Electric Three Wheeler manufacturers, our focus is on producing vehicles that are not dependent on human power and are environmentally friendly. Saera Electric Auto is dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable initiatives that contribute to a cleaner and healthier world for future generations.

Connect with us to discover Saera’s most recent venture in developing sustainable mobility solutions that benefit us all.

Stepney with Cover
Big Box Loader
Strong Suspension

Unique Features of Mayuri

The best in Class Mileage

Experience the unmatchable power and efficiency of E-Rickshaw.

Manufactured with Mayuri Eco Technology

With the advanced technology, we manufacture E-Rickshaw with causing almost zero ecological disruptions.

Advanced 130AH Battery

Ride your E-Rickshaw for longer hours, with enhanced battery power.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to a traditional loader, a Cargo E-Rickshaw can be used to transport goods both inter-city and intra-city. People who are in the business of transportation of goods find it a perfect investment for their services. You can connect with Saera Electric Auto, one of the leading Close Loader E-Rickshaw manufacturers, to know more about the same.
Yes. All Cargo E-Rickshaws manufactured by Saera Electric Auto employ a robust motor that provides a high load-carrying capacity. As one of the leading Cargo E-Rickshaw manufacturers in India, we are committed to developing sustainable and innovative solutions for a cleaner and greener environment.
A battery-operated Cargo 3-wheeler manufactured by Saera Electric Auto has a strong body and high resistance to wear and tear as well. As it is a robust product, you do not need to worry about the maintenance much. Our Cargo E-Rickshaw offers long-term functioning without the requirement of consistent maintenance or repair.
Yes, our Cargo E-Rickshaw can carry upto 350 kgs of goods in a go. It can be considered a reliable option for transportation if there’s an urgent requirement for a huge quantity of goods.

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